Although we are very flexible in the way we work, our processes follow strict guidelines. This is done primarily, to ensure high quality of the end-product.

Our Four Phases

Phase I: This is when we bid on a project or provide quote to a potential (or existing customer). Our sales team develops detailed top-level specifications of the project and gives a quote based on the hours required.

Phase II: We call this “marketing flow”. The purpose is to remove any grey areas and make sure that the project is completely documented before development beings. The marketing flow contains wire frames as well as data model of the entire application or portal. During this phase we also select the correct technology to be used for the project. Client communicates with our business analysts directly during this phase.

Phase III: Once the marketing flow is done and approved by the client, graphic designers, project manager and team leads are involved in the project. A time line is made and the development starts. Clients are given an update every second day (or in some cases weekly) by the concerned team lead or the project manager.

Phase IV: Once the project is deployed on the client’s servers, and released to the general public, depending on our contract with the client we start project maintenance. We ensure that all queries of the clients are promptly handled, also if there is a bug in the site, it is promptly fixed.