About Us

Paloul Media Inc. is an information technology consulting firm dedicated to the development and testing of a variety of application platforms. Using innovative technologies, we provide cost-effective IT solutions designed to improve the quality and efficiency of any business.

As one the Southern California region’s leading provider of advanced web applications, we pride our expertise and reliable solutions to commitment with the use of cutting-edge technology along with an excellent understanding of today’s information systems. Our services include: content management systems, e-commerce applications, data processing, report generation, and intradepartmental software.

The analysis, planning and development of our projects is carried out locally by our experienced Computer Science staff in the city of Los Angeles, California.

We are young, aggressive and dynamic. From our management to our entry level programmers, we are passionate about delivering the best.

We combine deep business expertise, powerful research capabilities, and innovative ways of thinking - together with business process design, and systems and application integration capabilities to provide cutting edge software development services, while keeping the costs low. Furthermore, our services are specifically catered for small and medium sized technology firms and entrepreneurs.